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repTOP™ ERE-Luc mouse
repTOP™ PPRE-Luc mouse
repTOP™ mitoIRE mouse
repTOP™ Ubi-Luc2 mouse
repTOP™ Ube2g2-Luc2 mouse

Introducing the repTOP™ Ube2g2-Luc2 mouse

In the repTOPTM Ube2g2-Luc2 a Luc2 reporter cassette is inserted by knock-in inside the Ube2g2 gene. In this mouse the ATG of the endogenous gene is in frame with the ATG of the reporter.

This allows to monitor how the expression of Ube2g2 gene is modulated, simply analyzing the bioluminescence of the luciferase. To be noted that the use as biomarker of Luc2, a modified form of Luc which has been engineered for improved genetic reporting, enhances the bioluminescent signal intensity.

The mRNA profile of Ube2g2 expression in several tissues of the reporter mouse was obtained by real time PCR and compared with mRNA profile of Luc2 in the same tissues. The results show an evident coincidence of Ube2g2 and Luc2 mRNA expression in all tissues examined (figure a).

The model allows bioluminescence based in vivo (figure b) and ex vivo (figure c) imaging of Ube2g2 expression.

Figure a) Analysis of mRNA expression by Real-Time PCR: luciferase mirrors the expression of the endogenous gene in repTOPTM Ube2g2-Luc2

Fiugure b) In vivo imaging of Ube2g2 expression in living animals: comparison between adult males and females shows a differential expression of the reporter luciferase in reproductive tissue.

Figure c) Ex vivo localization of Ube2g2 expression


Application areas:


Cardiovascular disease

- Immunity