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PPRE-Luc mouse model
In a recent publication: “LT175 is a novel ...
A novel insights on our repTOP ERE-Luc mouse model
In a recent publication: “Estrogen receptor...
Join TOP srl at the 12th FELASA and 12th SECAL joint congress entitled: ‘Animal Research: Better Science from Fewer Animals’ (10-13 June 2013 Barcelona)
This year at the FELASA meeting, TOP srl will...
Join TOP srl at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2013 (April 6-10 2013 Washington DC)
This year at the AACR meeting, TOP srl will p...


TOP (Transgenic Operative Products) srl is a leading company specialized in the generation of reporter mice. These are transgenic animals that produce genetically encoded biomarkers to be detected through in vivo imaging (biophotonic, PET or NMR). In addition TOP srl can provide reporter cells or DNA constructs for reporter systems.

Although mainly focused on drug discovery and development, TOP transgenic products are well suited also for applications in toxicology and in the development of nutraceuticals or functional food. Thanks to the non-invasive nature of the method, it is possible to gather very informative data with repTOP™* models, e.g. about the physiological effects of complex alimentary mixtures, toxic effects in unexpected body districts, efficacy of drug candidates. In the meantime ethical standards of animal research are improved, because the investigator needs far fewer mice than with conventional methods, and the stress applied to the animals is strongly reduced.


The company originated as a spin-off from the University of Milan, capitalizing on the experience of two internationally renowned researchers, Adriana Maggi and Paolo Ciana, in the field of biotechnology. Since 2007, TOP srl has been backed by the NEXT fund, the first public-private closed-ended venture capital fund in Italy, managed by Finlombarda Gestioni SGR.

TOP srl is based at the Lodi Technological Park, 15 km south of Milan in Lombardy, Italy. This region has embraced biotechnology as the driver of future economic development.


*repTOP is a registered trademark of TOP(Transgenic Operative Products) srl.