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01 06 2012

From TOPsrl research: a novel method to study xenobiotic metabolism in vivo.

In a recent publication: “Molecular imaging of cytochrome P450 activity in mice” appeared in the last issue of Pharmacological Research (65: 53, 2012) TOPsrl researchers demonstrate the possibility to apply bioluminescence-based imaging to measure drug effects on a specific CYP in living mice.
16 04 2012

TOP srl will attend Bioinitaly on April 18-19, 2012 in Milan

TOP srl in this meeting will show the products and core business, moreover it will have the opportunity to meet national and international investors, managers of international corporations and companies from all sectors of the biotechnology industry. BioInItaly is organized by Assobiotec - the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, together with Innovhub SSI and Intesa Sanpaolo.
15 04 2012

A novel insights on our repTOP mitoIRE mouse model: transcriptional activity maps proliferation sites in live animals

Molecular Biology of the Cell in its April publication underlines the value of our repTOP mitoIRE mice model (bio-sensor of the proliferation). In this scientific publication (Molecular Biology of the Cell F. Goeman et al. Volume 23 April 15, 2012) authors showed experimental data on the Reporter Mice called repTOP mitoIRE, in which an NF-Y–dependent promoter controls luciferase expression. In these mice, bioluminescence imaging of NF-Y activity visualizes areas of physiological cell proliferation and regeneration during response to injury. repTOP mitoIRE-Luc reporter mice should facilitate investigations into the involvement of genes in cell proliferation and provide a useful model for studying aberrant proliferation in disease pathogenesis including neoplasia. They should be also useful in the development of new antiproliferative drugs in oncology and assessment of their efficacy and side effects on non target tissues.
15 03 2012

TOP srl participates in European Consortium INMiND of the 7th Framework Programme (March 2012)

The goal of this project (INMiND: Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Diseases) is to carry out collaborative research on molecular mechanisms that link neuroinflammation with neurodegeneration in order to identify novel biological targets for activated microglia, which may serve for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, and to translate this knowledge into the clinic. TOP SRL contributes to INMiND project with its strong and well recognized expertise in the generation of highly reliable reporter mice characterized by the highest level of technology.
21 09 2011

TOPsrl at the BIO-Europe 2011

Join us at the 17th BIO-Europe conference in Duesserdorf (Germany)

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