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Reporter Mice Scientific Webinars Available for On-Demand Viewing on Charles River web site

Recently, T.O.P. srl announced the signing of an agreement with Charles River Laboratories International, a world leader in providing models for biological research and pharmaceutical industry. Charles River has become the exclusive supplier for North America of three TOP srl products: repTOP™ERE-Luc, repTOP™mitoIRE and repTOP™PPRE-Luc.  

The following scientific webinars are now available for viewing:

Reporter Mice: A Way to Study Molecular Processes 
In Vivo.

This webinar is a general introduction to the use of reporter mice. The concept of reporter mice is introduced and expanded upon throughout the webinar to demonstrate how the use of reporter mice may enhance research on endogenous and exogenous responses to chemical and biological insults in vivo and through time in the same animal. Click here to view the webinar on Charles River web site.

The repTOP™ mitoIRE Reporter Mouse: A Transgenic Model Suitable for Optical Imaging of Cell Proliferation in Living Mice.

This webinar is designed to introduce the researcher to therepTOP™mitoIRE reporter mouse which has been specifically developed to follow changes in proliferating cells, whether by inhibition or induction. Proliferation occurs continually throughout a lifetime, providing the turnover of cells needed to maintain the integrity of the whole animal.  Following the proliferation pathways at the physiological, pharmacological and toxicological levels in a living animal over time is a powerful tool in understanding this crucial biological response. Click here to view the webinar on Charles River web site.

The repTOP™ ERE-Luc Mouse: A Unique Tool to Tackle the Complexity of Estrogen Receptor (ER) Activities.

The repTOP™ ERE-Luc mouse provides a simple way to follow the complexity of estrogen receptor activities in all tissues in the living animal over time. This webinar has been developed to share the importance of being able to follow many events regulated by the ER at the physiological, pharmacological and toxicological levels allowing researchers to visualize the effects of disruption of ER activities. This is a powerful tool in understanding the role of the ER not only throughout the estrous cycle but also throughout the life cycle. Click here to view the webinar on Charles River web site.  

The repTOP™ PPRE-Luc Mouse: A Tool for the Measurement of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) Activity Systematically.

The repTOP™PPRE-Luc model was created to study the transcriptional activity of PPARs in vivo. The mouse carries a luciferase reporter gene under the control of a pan-PPAR receptor responsive element and was generated with a technology ensuring its ubiquitous expression and regulation.  This transgenic model is suitable for the study of PPAR’s physiopathology action and for the profiling of drugs active through this receptor family. Click here to view the webinar on Charles River web site.