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PPRE-Luc mouse model
In a recent publication: “LT175 is a novel ...
A novel insights on our repTOP ERE-Luc mouse model
In a recent publication: “Estrogen receptor...
Join TOP srl at the 12th FELASA and 12th SECAL joint congress entitled: ‘Animal Research: Better Science from Fewer Animals’ (10-13 June 2013 Barcelona)
This year at the FELASA meeting, TOP srl will...
Join TOP srl at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2013 (April 6-10 2013 Washington DC)
This year at the AACR meeting, TOP srl will p...

Let us help you screening your compounds

• Especially at the beginning of our collaboration, or when the process is still in the preliminary exploratory phase, it could be useful for you to let us perform experiments by TOP srl on a fee-for-service basis.

• Testing your compounds at TOP srl will provide evidence of the power, reliability and reproducibility of the model.

• Joint planning of experiments may enable the discovery of novel approaches to research with in vivo imaging, while providing us with the opportunity to apply our technology to new and challenging situations.

Development of your own model

• In cases where the existing repTOP™ products do not yet satisfy the needs of your research (for instance because you need a surrogate marker for another biologic target), we can plan together the development of a new model.

• TOP technology platform and the standardized SATURN validation process are the guarantee of a rapid, reliable generation of an industry-standard-compliant reporter system.